Who We Are

The Stewards of SOANE come from a variety of different backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. Each of us followed our own paths of internal searching – learning with our heads, understanding with our hearts and continually growing in our souls. The truth behind the awakened knowledge of “Interconnectedness of all” and the crucial importance that Divine understanding brings to everyone in the world is what unites us. It is the underpinning of this foundation and what we hope to share in our retreats.

 “The most significant nondual element of the body is “the heart.”  – Dr. Kurt Johnson, The Coming Inspirational Age

Laura Lomas


LAURA LOMAS is an Intuitive Counselor who has the rare ability to tune in to each person’s energy systems and life experiences. This allows her to help each client release their emotional, physical, and spiritual entanglements. Once that release takes place, one is able to fulfill their life’s purpose with clarity, perspective and inspiration for the future. Laura works with guided meditation techniques, energy cleansing and balancing along with other modalities to address each client’s best way of connecting in to their highest consciousness. She has been doing this work for over 20 years and has clients from all over the world. She currently resides in Vermont.


Lori Warmington


LORI WARMINGTON is a lifelong seeker of all things that grow life and build peace.  She is dedicated to finding that unity that is the Oneness that connects all of the human family, as well as all the living systems of the Earth.  She co- founded The Aspen Grove in 2002, theaspengrove.org, that explored the process of collaborative co-creation.  Out of group stillness and deep silence come many inspired ideas and initiatives that with focused and loving support become the “Seeds of A New Earth.”  This work builds bridges and creates pathways for these inspired seeds to take root and bloom, individually, and collectively.


Gorakh Hayashi


BILL (GORAKH) HAYASHI is a professor of Humanities at Columbia  College Chicago where he teaches courses in spirituality, meditation and consciousness and on the philosophy of love. He also practices experiential psycho-therapy and meets regularly with young people in “circles of Light.” An avid meditator, reader and film buff Bill lives with his wife, Kiyomi, 18 year old son, Kiyoshi and amazing dog, Precious. His life passion is the expansion of Consciousness in all its forms.


Marie Stenger


MARIE STENGER is a fashion designer living in Chicago, Illinois.  She creates women’s wear with silk, hemp, and organic cotton materials.  She loves working with color, painting and dying her garments by hand.  Her philosophy is that we are living in a beautiful reality of duality and sensory perception, but nothing is permanent.  It is our gift, and so we should enjoy it fully and playfully, all the beauty and majesty of this world, all the differences, the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and senses.  Clothing is Marie’s media for sharing her love and joy with All.


Teresa Cesario


TERESA CESARIO Teresa Cesario Is an impassioned spiritual and wellness activist. Since studying under Gorrakh William Hayashi Teresa’s dedication to making meditation, health and mindfulness accessible to all has become a life purpose. She is a steward of Columbia College Light Circles, a Certified Holistic Health Counselor (IIN), and a yoga enthusiast.  “My goal is to help bring about mindfulness in stressful daily situations and help individuals make strides towards their life purpose.” Teresa’s primary focus is currently BeLikeaTree – A space dedicated to helping beings  get grounded in their intentions and rooted in their life’s purpose.


Sara Gaines

Sara Gaines

SARA GAINES came into this lifetime with her inner eyes open and a natural curiosity about the world around her. For as long as she can remember, her longing for Truth has always motivated her to expand and explore, create and inquire. Now, Sara strives to live as a consciously as possible while remembering the divinity within herself and others.

Sara has been a steward of Light Circles in Chicago, an attendee of the Aspen Grove, and an organizer of conscious retreats. She also dabbles in web design and video.