The Ride Home – Healing World Wounds

Kansas & the Hawk ~ The Ride Home
Kathleen McGarry

Kathleen McGarry is a beautiful example of how clearing and connecting and co-creation takes us down unimaginable paths! After leaving her job as a personal stylist to a world famous actress, and looking for a more meaningful life, Kathleen found herself, with the help of Laura Lomas and Lori Warmington, connected to The Aspen Grove and Seeds of a New Earth. A Divine door opened for her to become connected to The 13 Indigenous Grandmother’s and particularly Grandmother Margaret Behan-Red Spider Woman. This seedling ultimately led to Kathleen joining The Ride Home – a recreation of the Cheyenne Exodus. The riders, Grandmother Margaret and their horse partners have now completed a 1390 mile journey of healing for the planet and all of her inhabitants, past, present and future. A documentary film is in the making.

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