St. Benedicts retreat

View of Mt. Sopris and St. Benedict's Guest House/Retreat Center and Meditation Hall

Whether it be through the stillness of meditation, the many joyous expressions of soul creativity, communing with the earth and the cosmos, or working together for daily meal preparation and clean up, there is a growing sense of spiritual family which lives deep within our souls and far beyond our gathering.
Each retreat offers something new and fun as the focus. We have communed with horses and learned how they have an innate ability to connect to a persons’ energy field and clear any blockage present in the pain body. We have had renowned authors share writing workshops and we have enjoyed the teachings of great spiritual leaders. We are planning future retreats focusing on spirituality and music, Native American shamanism and psychology, the environment and how to help the planet, as well as the new unfolding of interspirituality. The possibilities are endless, as each specialist comes forward to share their own thread in this continuous web of life.


St Benedict's Retreat House, Snowmass

St. Benedict's Guest House/Retreat Center and Meditation Hall

Presently our gatherings take place at St. Benedict’s Monastery Retreat Center in Snowmass, Colorado, as well as a private farmhouse retreat in Galena, Illinois. We expect to expand to other locations as these seeds grow. Our next retreat will be at St. Benedict’s in May, 2013. Please join our email list (and put a link to the contact page here) to receive more information as it becomes available.
We are honored to share this sacred path with you and all those who are working together in this evolutionary process.


Our next retreat is July 2013 in Galena, Illinois. For more information click here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our gatherings, please email us.