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Lets start speaking the same language? How about that?…but here’s the catch you cannot use words and you cannot use sign language.
I have had the pleasure of attending two spiritual retreats in Aspen with Seeds of a New Earth. I am reluctant to call it solely a spiritual retreat, but spirit was definitely present, and to call it a consciousness trip would be limiting its potential. To put these experiences into words would surely be doing it an injustice but I shall try.
The scenery is absolutely breathtaking- located in Snowmass at the St. Benedectine Monestary the moment you step onto solid ground you know spirit is present. That initial recognition of spirit carries itself throughout the whole retreat as the mantra “you are not alone”.
SOANE retreats focus on interconnectivity. Silly is the thought that we are separate. As humans were always doubting – but if we’re not supposed to focus on connecting why the longing to connect, to find companions, to experience unconditional love? When we separate we allow the ego to take the form of a heartless boss one that we tirelessly try to please. SOANE helps you to realize we have no one to answer to but ourselves.
The retreats bringing spiritual and mindfulness teachers from all over the world each with individual offerings to help us develop our own practices. Daily activity includes yoga, meditation, contemplation, and writing exercises. Because there is such a vast array of people with different practices you are able to clearly identify which ones resonate with you and adopt them onto your daily routine.
When Leaving the Monastery you are always left with a profound sense of grounded nature and the motivation to go forth and pursue your dreams.

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